10 sips, my ass

I gave up on conventional doctors after various physicians (including a specialist) recommended surgery. Tuning into my granola side, I sought a naturopathic physician. After one consult, we discovered the root of my troubles -- food allergies. Removing gluten and dairy from the diet solved all evil.

During a recent check-up I told the doc that I feel great, but I also lamented. It pretty much sucked that removing dairy and gluten from an already healthy, low carb diet didn’t net any weight loss. Frankly, I told her, I expected to be a twig after nine months without gluten or dairy.

She tried to cheer me up saying I’d lost body fat and gained muscle, but perhaps I’d see more pronounced weight loss if I changed up my exercise routine. (Believe it or not, she said exercise less).

Then she recommend I cut out my wine.

Wine? Isn’t wine supposed to be the healthiest of all alcoholic options? I don’t drink beer, gluten. I don’t drink liquor, calories. But wine? She must have seen the horror on my face to that recommendation, so she suggested I treat alcohol like a carb -- eat/drink sparingly. She recommended that at meals I skip the carb and drink just 10 sips of wine.

Ten sips of wine? Hmm.

I went home that night, dutifully passed on the carbs, and drank only 10 sips of wine. Please try it. See just how far 10 sips will take you. Once you do, you may come to the same realization I did: “10 sips of wine my ass, I’ll keep the extra poundage.”

Tiffany Crenshaw is a  North Carolina native, wife, mother of 2 wild and crazy kids, and an entrepreneur. She loves her family, a delicious glass of red wine, girl time and the occasional spa treatment. As an enthusiastic member of Wednesday Night Whine, she rarely misses a “meeting” unless she’s traveling for business. She is the President and CEO of Intellect Resources, a recruiting and consulting firm specializing in the healthcare IT industry. 


  1. Stefanie Milroy17.4.12

    I'm with you Tiffany!!! There are certain pounds that just are worth their "weight" (literally) to be there!

  2. Allison18.4.12

    Glad your priorities are in check, Tiffany!