Sometimes inspiration is right next door

Gearing up for the usual after school shuffle from activity to activity, I careened into the driveway on three wheels. Knowing the drill, the kids were changed, had their bags packed and raced out the front door. 

Just as they were piling in the car, our neighbors strolled by out for an afternoon walk. We stopped for a quick hello and few neighborly minutes of pleasantries. Then we waved good bye and drove off. As the car hurtled down the street, a little voice in the back seat said, “Mike and Cherry are such nice neighbors.”

Smiling into the back seat via the rear view mirror, I confirmed, “Yes, we hit the jack pot when it came to neighbors didn’t we?” The car was quiet as we all reflected on the kind of neighbors who never miss a birthday,  bring over baked goods just because, watch the house when we travel, lend a hand whenever asked, gather the neighbors for parties and always give out cheerful how do you do’s.

How lovely was that moment? Right in the middle of afternoon chaos, at the prompting of my kids, we paused to appreciate life’s unexpected gifts. I propose a toast to all of those truly wonderful neighbors!  We should all be luck so lucky to have have them right next door.

Tiffany Crenshaw is a  North Carolina native, wife, mother of 2 wild and crazy kids, and an entrepreneur. She loves her family, a delicious glass of red wine, girl time and the occasional spa treatment. As an enthusiastic member of Wednesday Night Whine, she rarely misses a “meeting” unless she’s traveling for business. She is the President and CEO of Intellect Resources, a recruiting and consulting firm specializing in the healthcare IT industry.