About Us

Our Cause - As the flagship group of Inspired Winers, our cause is to create a perpetual fundraising opportunity for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy in the name of Matthew Greiner and his family. Through a variety of networking and marketing endeavors, we fund pertinent research in the fight to minimize and eventually end Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and its related effects.

Our Beginning - Inspired Wining began in 2006 as a casual wine night among friends. Over time, it has evolved into a focused group of professional women rallying around a cause, each bringing her own special gifts to the task of raising critical research dollars. Our skills include sales, marketing, creative writing & design, legal services, technical assistance, event marketing, life planning and teaching. 

Our Impact - Party after party, we galvanized our individual communities, raised awareness and donations, and witnessed the power of exponential giving. Along the way, we found PPMD, and while we know the cause serves a broader population, it is the heart and soul of this one child, of this one family that we carry in to battle. Two years of parties and nearly $100,000 later, we wondered what we might do next. How could we raise funds perpetually for this cause? And in what ways could we make a difference for Matthew as a result? Over and over, we came back to the unique bond and source of strength we had each found as What if we could create an environment that would encourage and empower women to come together for their own causes? What if we could provide those women with a website that would act as a guide for creating their own unique, inspired communities centered on a cause? What if we could get women to join us, and over time, group by group, begin to ignite a change in communities everywhere?