Smelly sneakers mean a boy's had a good time!

Last week was the best week!  I was in town every day (no business travel) . Our kids were at "grandparent camp," thus the house was clean and quiet. My husband and I actually had 3 date nights. We got to celebrate July 4th! And, Wednesday Night Whine provided the much needed dose girl and wine time.

Best yet, our kids were having just as much fun as we were. One child was the beach with Scott’s family. And, the other was the mountains with mine. We'd planned a big switch midweek.  

My husband and I enjoyed the nightly updates from each set of grandparents. But, this one in particular made me laugh. While I was Wednesday Night Whining, our son Foster was putt-putting, hitting on girls and stinking up the house. Please read this email update from my dad. I think he has a knack for writing. Perhaps we can convince him to guest blog on Inspired Wining one day!

"Yesterday was a full day and Foster had a great time. First, Foster, Emma and I went to the Inn’s back yard for some baseball, where he hit a home run over the trees (and lost the ball). Then we all went to Mountain Miniature Golf where he scored a 435, not counting Mulligans (all 124 of them). Just kidding, of course, but his math needs some work. Let’s see 3 balls in row off the tee and into the water and then 3 more putts to sink it for a “3”.  Hmmm. 
We then went to Jacob’s Ladder Falls with all the Miller kids for a creek walk and a Who-Can-Catch-the-Biggest-Minnow Contest. Girls rule, boys drool!  

Foster paired up with Jake and they really enjoyed the fishing and swimming as the temps approached 80 degrees here in the High Country.

The Millers came back to our house to watch Surf’s Up and Foster took a 1½ hour nap. Fully rested, then it was on to the picnic at the Inn and fireworks.  

Foster hooked up . . . well that’s not the right word today . . . played football with 2 cute, slightly older girls and 2 other boys. Why Foster insisted on shadowing one girl and trying to tackle her whenever she got the ball is beyond me. J

Then the fireworks, without a doubt, the best ever at the Inn. He covered his ears the whole time, but seemed to really enjoy them. 

Going on 10PM, you’d think the day was full enough, but we topped it off with a few WalMart fireworks at the Millers. Then we finally headed to bed, stopping in the bathroom to clean up and wash feet. Foster took off his shoes and everyone keeled over!  I think we’re going to incinerate his tennis shoes today in a sacrificial fire that will surely ward off the deer that keep eating Jennie’s flower and the bear that eats her compost."

Tiffany Crenshaw is a  North Carolina native, wife, mother of 2 wild and crazy kids, and an entrepreneur. She loves her family, a delicious glass of red wine, girl time and the occasional spa treatment. As an enthusiastic member of Wednesday Night Whine, she rarely misses a “meeting” unless she’s traveling for business. She is the President and CEO of Intellect Resources, a recruiting and consulting firm specializing in the healthcare IT industry.  

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