Spontaneous Euro-Bungy

Ever have  occasions  that you are delighted you were spontaneous? Last week, I had one. After relentless requests from our 6-year-old daughter,  we allowed her to jump in the middle of a mall food court with a "Euro Bungy." 

Ridiculous!!!! Who does this??

Here's the deal. Charlotte was secured with a harness between her legs and had bungee cords attached to either sides of her hips. The technician then had her jump on a trampoline and raised the cords so that she would ascend 20-25 feet in the air. 

As Charlotte became more comfortable, she figured out how to jump high enough to flip around. Within minutes, she was jumping 25 feet in the air and completing double somersaults. It was amazing how quickly she learned. It was truly a "HOLY COW!" moment.

As I sat there watching, I realized I had no clue who these people where hoisting Charlotte into the air, nor did I have any knowledge of the equipment, nor did I sign any form  that was considered a legal consent/waiver. When does this ever happen?

Because we were SPONTANEOUS, there were no directions or "pros vs. cons" conversations. Charlotte took a risk and you know what? She had a blast!

It was a great lesson for me as a parent and a person. Yes, we should be sensible and smart with our decisions. However, sometimes it just pays to take risks, live a little, and trust that things are going to be okay.
So my challenge to you this summer-----take some risks, get uncomfortable, and be SPONTANEOUS!!

Alexis Williams may not be a good housekeeper and she’s even worse at being the tooth fairy. But she loves laughing, traveling, spending time with family and being a part of a community that makes a difference. Alexis is officially Inspired Wining's “go-to girl” for just about everything from developing community partnerships to securing our venues for Inspired Wining on Location events. A wife, mother of 3, a church and school volunteer, Alexis is the sharp-witted sweetheart of the group.

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