The promises we keep make us who we are

Seth Bunch with the Liberian orphans who've stolen his heart.
A few weeks ago, I met someone who got me thinking about the promises we make and, more importantly, the ones we keep. His name is Seth Bunch -- a young man who's opened his heart to Liberian orphans and is doing all he can to make life better for them.

In 2009, Seth spent his Christmas at the Betty Jonah Orphanage in Liberia, "hoping to see what this world is about." He was moved by the orphans' challenges – particularly the fact that many of them walk five to six hours a day just to further their education. So he made a life-changing promise. He gave them his word that he would build them a school.

Can you imagine? Leaving your home and your family at Christmastime to be in a foreign land...in a village with little more than a few modest structures and a rice garden? Can you imagine standing on a platform, as Seth had, and announcing to fifty wide-eyed children that you would make sure they no longer have to walk so many miles to school?

Talk about faith. Talk about taking risks and letting your heart lead the way. Looking the seemingly impossible in the eye and making a commitment to yourself and others to fight for positive change.

Less than two years later, Seth kept his promise. Through benefit concerts, public speaking and a long cycling trek, he raised the money to build the school. In July, he will fly back to Liberia to help construct it with his own two hands. You can read more of his story here.

Seth helps my daughter, McKenna,
place her hand print on a canvas
that will hang in the new school.

When I think about what Seth has accomplished, I think how ironic it is – that Seth is fighting for children who have so far to walk…while the Inspired Winers are fighting for boys who, eventually, won’t be able to take even a few steps. Ironic…but energizing. Inspiring. Because he shows us that change is possible.

It’s amazing the ways that people, children in particular, can inspire us. Seth and the orphans he’s grown to love are wonderful demonstrations of the potential that lives within us. Within you. Me. Within boys like our own Matthew Greiner and the thousands like him. Our sons, brothers, grandsons and neighbors battling with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, watching their own muscles let them down…and hoping that you and I don’t.

The Inspired Winers won’t let you down, boys. That's our promise.

And if you are someone looking for support as you form your own fundraising platform, we’re here for you, too. In the words of Seth, we’re going to see what this world is about. And we’re going to do something about it.

How do you imagine yourself helping to make life better for someone? Leave a comment and share your vision. Let the Inspired Winers be the inspiration for you that Seth has been for the children of Betty Jonah Orphanage.


  1. super story about an amazing young man. Thrilled to have met him through you and be a part of the journey.....

    1. Thank you for your comment, Debbie! Seth is definitely an inspiration to the Inspired Winers! It will be exciting to continue following his journey at UNCG and beyond.